Half the Sky, Three Times the Badges

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When Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide premieres on PBS tonight (9/8c), viewers will engage in a variety of ways: discussions with fans, friends, and stars on Twitter and Facebook; exclusive video content of celebrities and change-agents in yap.TV; and more.

Independent Lens has also partnered with GetGlue, the social TV check in service, to provide a special bonus badge to anyone who checks into both nights of broadcast. All you have to do is unlock both halves of the sky! (Clever, eh?)

Get one “half” badge for checking in tonight (pictured above); a second half for checking in on October 2; and a third, special bonus for checking into both nights.

So don’t forget to tune in, check in, and get involved!

  • Gloryfibers

    Yes this is such a good organization. There is also a group that helps many kinds of abuses and addictions called “Celebrate  Recovery”
    I really love there compassion and respect  they give these girls.

  • Tana Chavez

    These women are so brave and strong

  • Slesslie39


  • I just watched the first part of this documentary. It was not easy to watch so much suffering, but the strength of the girls and the love and leadership of the adults give me hope. They are full of courage and make me realize that we can all do more to help others in this world.

  • Kbarry

    I have been to Cambodia and Thailand.  I have visited trafficed and abused women and children’s shelters as well as talked w/ voluntary sex-workers.   I saw much of value in the documentary, yet disturbed that there was no structural or economic analysis.  For example: it’s extreme poverty that often forces parents to sell children (happens to boys too) and the global economy and near slave wages are direct causes along with political repression etc…