Join Us in December. . . .Without Having to Leave Your Desk or Home!

Starting tomorrow, ITVS is hosting a series of online film screenings called the Sci-Fi Lunch Break Series. Each Wednesday at 12pm ET, short films from the third season of the acclaimed FUTURESTATES series will be screened through OVEE, ITVS’s social screening platform.

Imagining tomorrow’s America today, FUTURESTATES is a series of independent mini-features, short narrative films created by veteran filmmakers and emerging talents transforming today’s complex social issues into visions about what life will be like in decades to come. In season three, seven filmmakers imagine America in the not-too-distant future, when what we do, where we live, and who we are will all be dictated by the decisions we make today.

How does it work?
Participants can join for free by signing in with Facebook or directly on the site, interacting with other viewers and panelists in real-time, while watching the film. Viewers can comment, ask questions, take polls, and even express their feelings about what they’re watching through a variety of tools on the site. This is an entirely new way of experiencing documentary films and it is inherently social.

Why are you doing this?
Not only are social screenings a fun way to experience these great short films, but we’d love your feedback on this exciting new interface we are testing called OVEE (Online Video Engagement Experience).

Laura Keller – NB
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December 5, 2012 12:00pm ET
With special guest panelist Mo Perkins, director of the film. 
With global population at an extreme high, federal fertility lotteries now determine who can and can’t reproduce. When one woman learns that she will be permanently sterilized, her faith in the system is shaken.

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December 12, 2012 12:00pm ET
In a future where schools are segregated by economic status, a struggling mother must decide whether to sell her own organs to give her children a better education.

Life Begins at Rewirement
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December 19, 2012 12:00pm ET
Simon Ender struggles with his decision to commit his elderly mother into a revolutionary nursing home alternative that has solved the rapidly growing Senior Citizen overpopulation.