Standing Proud and Standing Tall by Robin Poor Bear

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By  Robin Poor Bear

 Standing Proud Recording by Robin

I stand here in front of you standing proud and standing tall

To remind you of when you knocked me down and watched me fall


The mean and hateful things you’d say helped me to see

Exactly how much you really loved me


As time went on I hoped and I prayed

For health and happiness to come my way


I know he was listening the CREATOR does care

I just need to stay sober, to become more aware


My spirit is Strong and cannot be broken or beat



At a very young age I was told “this man is your father”

But what kind of dad could rape and beat his own daughter.


My innocence was stolen throughout my childhood

Dirty Disgusting men putting their hands where they could.


I grew up and waited for that one day to come

Where I would remind them of what they had done.


One by one I told them off and I could see fear in their eyes

They too denied it as they covered it with lies.


I faced everyone of them I felt my spirit grow stronger

They can’t control my life or my fears no longer


Now like you they seem smaller not like big men at all

While I am walking away Proud and Tall