How to Raise a Feminist Baby Boy

By Annelise Wunderlich

ITVS Education Manager Annelise Wunderlich decides she’s not afraid of teaching her son the F-word.

Annelise Wunderlich with her eight-month old baby boy Tiago.

When I told my husband about the title of this post, he raised a skeptical eyebrow. Really? Feminist? What did I mean by that, exactly? I think he envisioned me forcing our eight-month old son, Tiago, to wear pink leggings, read Betty Friedan before bed, and sing along to Ani DiFranco in the car. Was I proposing that we raise Tiago to feel guilty about his masculinity, or to resist patriarchy at the playground? Not that my husband isn’t a big supporter of women, but couldn’t we just let the baby learn how to chew first? Have I been in Northern California too long?
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