Losing an Acrobat: A Filmmaker Update

by Olivier Meyrou
Filmmaker, Acrobat

The ITVS-funded documentary Acrobat premiered Sunday on Global Voices. After the tragic passing of the film’s central character, Fabrice Champion, filmmaker Olivier Meyrou reflects on his time with Fabrice.

The version of Acrobat that recently premiered on Global Voices wrapped about a year ago, however, with the support of the film’s producer, shooting continued long after that. I couldn’t help thinking that Fabrice hadn’t yet completed his journey.

I had helped Alexandre, Matias, and Fabrice in developing a new show based on their tetradance and tetraacrobatics work, shooting them at work. Their friendship was developing and the show they were working on was turning out to be full of energy. The youth and vitality of Alexandre and Matias was influencing Fabrice just as much as he was influencing them.

Even though Fabrice was still struggling to find more energy – it was like his personal quest would never stop – the last public rehearsal of the show in October was a huge success and everything was set for opening night in February 2012. Continue reading

Acrobat, Sunday on Global Voices

The ITVS-funded documentary Acrobat by Olivier Meyrou airs Sunday, July 15 on Global Voices on the WORLD Channel.

Fabrice Champion, a young internationally renowned trapeze artist, hit another acrobat in mid-air during a show and was paralyzed. Following years of rehabilitation therapy, hopes lost and found, he returns to the circus as director and teacher. Acrobat is told as a first-person narrative from Fabrice’s perspective, as he provides insight into his journey from the hospital and rehabilitation back to the circus life.

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