The ITVS Indie Roundup

A curated list of indie news and recommendations from ITVS’s Rebecca Huval.

Is your camera bag feeling like an anvil on your shoulder? The Tiziano Project just taught a filmmaking course in Kosovo with iPads, and they make a strong argument why you might want to go the lighter route.

Win $2,000! The 2012 James River Shorts mini-festival is accepting short films of all genres, as long as the running time is under 30 minutes, until Sept. 30.

A number of solid films are now streaming at POV: Emmy-nominee Better This World (until Oct. 10), My Reincarnation, the story of an exiled Buddhist master and his son (until Sept. 20), and Sound of Vision, a short film about a blind man’s experience of New York City.

An eye-opening Op-Doc in the New York Times this week reveals the world of model casting calls in Siberia, Russia, where low-income teenagers come in search of financial security, but occasionally wind up in prostitution.

Lovers of the documentary Man on Wire: Philippe Petit recently published a book titled Cheating The Impossible: Ideas and Recipes from a Rebellious High-Wire Artist, and you can get a preview of his ideas about education and accomplishing risky feats.

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