The ITVS Indie Roundup

A curated list of indie news and recommendations from ITVS’s Rebecca Huval.

Want to know how to make money? No, I mean, really, like how money is minted? This fascinating 1920 silent documentary shows how gold is melted into coins.

Enough about dusty old documentaries. This upcoming film about the Tropicalia music movement in Brazil promises to leave you with some new summer jams.

Interview whizzes Lucy Walker and Steve James turn their skills on each other as they chat about their creative paths and processes. The directors of Waste Land and The Interrupters will also give you pointers about getting sources to open up.

We all love documentaries, but are they also movie critics’ darlings? IndieWire lists off some reasons why cultural mavens might give inflated grades to nonfiction films. Our friends at POV responded with four more reasons why we love docs the most.

Wedding planning is a life-sucking beast. But what happens in the aftermath to all those carefully chosen garlands? In India, documentary photographer Mahesh Shantaram captured the aftermath of elaborate Hindu weddings to examine his country’s “penchant for order and chaos.”

Instagram has created a culture of rushed photography viewing. At least one photographer is fighting that. In San Francisco, Andre J. Hermann is shooting Instagram pix, binding them into books, hiding them in the city, and giving online clues as to their whereabouts.

The National Film Board of Canada is back with yet another elaborately-designed interactive documentary project. This one explores the soundscapes of the city, suburbs, nature, and even hermitage (a monastery, for example), and invites you to share your own sounds.

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