The ITVS Indie Roundup

A curated list of indie news and recommendations from ITVS’s Jonathan Archer.

Miss SXSW? Catch up with all the keynotes and featured speakers online.

IndieWire shared The 8 Film Startups You Should Know From SXSW.

Nick DeMartino (formerly Director of AFI Digital Labs) asked, do we need “An Accelerator For Entertainment?” One of the more interesting and provocative ideas going around these days…

On the way out from his position as V.P. for Digital Innovation at American Public Media, Joaquin Alverado shared his thoughts on innovation within the public media system.

Neilsen unveiled new ratings to measure TV and online ads together. When will they get around to merging TV and online ratings for content, I wonder…

Some lucky scavenger found Robert Altman’s first film at a Kansas City flea market (free to watch online).

And POV announced its line-up for its 25th Season on PBS, coming to a TV near you Summer 2012.