Women and Girls Matter, Live from the Media That Matters Festival in NYC

We have heard the unnerving statistics: In commercial film, only 7 percent of directors, 6 percent of directors of photography, and 20 percent of producers are female. Women fare slightly better in documentary, where they make up 28% of directors and 11% of directors of photography. Still, the figures are not encouraging.

Women and Girls Matter, a day of panels and workshops on Saturday October 29th at Media That Matters™, is designed to look at the obstacles and opportunities for women and girls in filmmaking and new media, highlighting the values women bring to their work, and open up a dialogue for ways to create new spaces for female voices in the field. The first panel discussion starts at 9:30AM ET and continues throughout the day until  6:00PM ET.

While the day focuses on the needs of women in film, they hope to conclude the day with concrete actions for participants to take to help bring the voices of women and girls out of the margins and into the mainstream. Arts Engine, which organizes the Media That Matters Festival, is hoping in the next year to sponsor more events focusing on women & girls in film and new media. The dialogue generated at the event will help shape the direction of those activities.

Here, ITVS National Engagement Consultant Sara Zia Ebrahimi reports live from the four panel discussions throughout the day. You can also watch live via ustream here.