Women Are Not the Problem, They Are the Solution

The issues women and girls face stretch far and wide across the globe, and progress can often feel slow when the numbers of oppressed women are so high. But if there is one thing to take away from the Half the Sky Movement, it is this: There are solutions.

Sex trafficking. Gender-based violence. Maternal mortality. Forced prostitution. How do we combat these issues?

Paired with education, economic empowerment is the most powerful tool used to battle many of the issues that plague women in developing countries. Through microfinance loans, livestock gifts, and proper vocational training, women can begin to take charge of their lives and the family income. Studies suggest that women are more responsible with their income than men – they invest approximately 80 cents of every dollar earned back into their family.

As the only microfinance network catering solely to women, Women’s World Banking is actively working to give women the chance to transition from oppression to opportunity through economic empowerment. Access to the means of production, such as loans for small businesses or the ability to save for building a business, will open the door for women to the formal economy, a door that has been sealed.

Working with a variety of institutions to create and design products that work for women allows Women’s World Banking to achieve the greatest financial and social impact. By providing convenient services that do not take a woman away from her family or business, Women’s World Banking is a solution that does not rely on charity. This sustainable approach creates a multiplier effect for improving the wellbeing of the whole family for generations.

The Half the Sky Movement is helping to encourage these solutions by highlighting organizations that focus on education and economic empowerment. To learn more and take action, please visit halftheskymovement.org.